Every girl is like a pearl

Every girl is like a pearl. Thats what I was told. Its also how I explain those questions behind ‘Why do you wear you’re hijab?’ , ‘Don’t you wish you didn’t wear you’re hijab?’
love wearing my hijab. Why? Because I understand the concept behind it. 
The hijab is to conserve women, to protect women because every women is like a pearl. You know how men get all possessive about their woman? How they don’t want any other guy to flirt with them? Because they want their woman for them and them only. Well here is wear hijab really kicks in. 
As a woman who wears a hijab, guys look at me as character, they like me because of who I am and not how I look like.
All of us ladies, go around wanting guys to like us for who we are and not ‘how pretty’ we look like, the hijab makes that simpler than ever. Im serious.
But we also don’t wear our hijab infront of our family or husband or girl friends which makes sense doesn’t it? 
Living in an arabian country, with many different cultures and backgrounds,  I see the difference between women that wear hijab and those that don’t. 
I get respect without even trying. I get doors opened for me. I get guys looking down and not giving me uncomfortable looks. When I walk with my friends, even those who don’t wear a hijab, guys stop harassing them because they see me. They see a muslim woman wearing a hijab. 
It feels like Allah shelters me from my surrounding, protecting me from any harm.
Every girl is like a pearl; Pearls are protected by their shell, women are protected by their hijab. 
How do I feel about my hijab?I feel confident, comfortable, happy. I walk with pride. I walk with a smile. I feel awesome.