Type of Syaitan

1. Zalituun
-Sit in the market/shop so human will lost their sense of saving.
Teasing human to spend more and buy stuff that are unnecessary.

2. Wathiin
-Went to the peoples with problems to misconception to Allah. 

3. A’awan
-Instigate sultan/king/ruler to not to approach their peoples.Ripple
with their place/wealthiness that the benefaction of their people neglected
and didn’t want to listen to the advice of the Ulama.

4. Haffaf
-Friend with drunker.Love to approach people on the sinned place
(e.g disco,night club and place with liquor)

5. Murrah
-Damaging and slacking the people who’s love music till forget to Allah.
They drown in the vivacious,glamor etc.

6. Masuud
-Sit on the human lips so slander,gossip,twit and any ‘diseases’ that 
come from mouth’s word will form.

7. Daasim
-Sit on the house door.If doesn’t give salaam when get into the 
house,Daasim will act so chaotic family will prevail(divorce,
husband act violent,hitting wife,wife lost her consideration by 
asking for divorce,children been abuse and others sort of family chaos).

8. Walahaan
-Occurring skeptical in human especially while wudu’ and prayer 
so it will affect other sort of our worship.

9. Lakhuus
-The friend of Majusi that worship on fire and sun.